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Flagstaff as a tourist attraction is especially known for the topographical views and scenery. At the foothills of the Grand Canyon mountain range this town has varying kind of landscape enhancing its beauty.

With the cleanest skies in the vicinity this place is the best to gaze stars in the Lowell observatory. Flagstaff proprietors museum in Arizona that attracts a lot of visitors from world wide. Near the Hojo hotel you have the Arboretum, Riordan Mansion, the Pioneer Museum those add up to the legacy of the town and its essence.

This place is full of varying culture and festivities those make the stay more lively and lovable.

Apart from these art attractions there are some worth viewing creations situated at some distance from the Hojo hotel. One of them is the painted desert that comes as a surprise in the meadows of greenery. It does not stop here they have Meteor Crater, Mormon Lake, the Lava Tube Caves those are made due to volcanic activities and have become fascination for the tourists.

The Walnut Canyon and Mt. Elden are other additional sites to see during your visit to Flagstaff near the Hojo hotel.


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If we talk about the ancient infrastructure of Flagstaff then the Northern Arizona University has to be mentioned here. As one of the oldest and highly acknowledged university it accommodates more than ten thousand students.

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