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This photo of Lowell Observatory is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Established in 1894. The Lowell observatory is one of the oldest observatories in the United States.

This observatory was set up by astronomer Percival Lowell of Boston’s well-known Lowell family.

Then later on it was seen by a sole trustee, according to the decision of the family. The first trustee was Lowell’s third cousin Guy Lowell (1916–1927). Percival’s nephew Roger Putnam served from 1927–1967. Followed by Roger’s son Michael (1967–1987).

Then Michael’s brother William Lowell Putnam III (1987–2013), and current trustee W. Lowell Putnam.

One of the most attractive things that the observatory cradles. It is the old English times telescope. It is still used for the education of students visiting this auspicious place.

The observatory has been known in the nearby areas from quite some time. But, it got its worldwide recognition. When Professor Clyde Tombaugh discovered the planet Pluto in 1930. The unique telescope built to discover Pluto is 33 centimetre. Since, then the place acts as a host for more than 85,000 visitors per year at their Steele Visitors Centre.

According to the T.I.M.E magazine the place falls under ‘World’s 100 most important places’. It gives Flagstaff an honorary place in the United States.

The place is now declared as an education centre. There is no research taking place anymore here.

Source: http://keepcalmandwander.com/pluto-was-discovered-in-flagstaff/

Source: http://keepcalmandwander.com/pluto-was-discovered-in-flagstaff/

To add on to more discoveries. Lowell is now in partnership with discovery communication. It is working on 4.28-meter (169-inch) Discovery Channel Telescope.

Flagstaff is an awesome place to enjoy all the four seasons and watch the stars shine brightly in the sky. For those who love their connection with the stars and once in lifetime want to feel their presence. Then you cannot miss a visit to Flagstaff.

Flagstaff is also called the city of seven wonders. The reason being it is surrounded by seven peaks. The famous canyons guard its boundaries.

The observatory is an interesting dwelling in the city. It magnetizes tourists all over the world. You need to visit this artistic and fun loving place to know it better.

Go out to find the reason to know why this place is so different from the others and shines like the star of United states.