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The scorching sun is walking down the stairs, with chilly winters walking up. Yes, the weather is preparing for a freezing Halloween.

With just a few days left for Halloween. The city of Flagstaff is all set for a crazy and spine-chilling celebration.

The city is the perfect place for a Halloween party. If you plan a trip for Flagstaff or are already there. Then you are in for a spooky party that will rock your trip and make it the most memorable one.

For an uncertain party invitation by your cozy hotel team or an invitation from a new local friend. You know you cannot miss this chance of being in the midst of warm nature and interesting celebration.

Here are 5 reasons those make Halloween perfect in flagstaff.

1) Costume

I know it is difficult to find a costume for the Halloween in a place you do not have much clue. Do not worry. You have a lot of options around to make an awesome dress for you. Since Flagstaff is known for its Halloween celebration it is easy to find attires here. you can even borrow one from the welcoming neighbours around.

If these options do not work you can create something of your own.

  • You have options like
  • A Mummy ( It may not make you look sexy but is very easy to create)
  • A Night Suit Candy
  • The Daredevil look
  • Mime (It is another interesting look you can try with no voice lol!)
  • Vampire ( one of the most loved look)
  • Velma and Shaggy (cartoon network a safe and easy look)

There are many more looks you can try to quickly dress and gather your share of candies.

2) The Haunted Tour

The city is known to have some historically haunted places. It is also one of the most haunted areas in Arizona. You can even get to visit the haunted buildings in Flagstaff Visitor Centre. Throughout October. The city has endless stories that add to the eerie feeling.

3) The Pumpkin Emblem

The pumpkin is a unique emblem of Halloween. To carry the scary face carved pumpkin adds to the celebration and the scary feel. If you are out with your kids in Flagstaff. Then planning to celebrate Halloween  will give the best time to your children.

There is a lake little off flagstaff by the name Mary Rd and make your children enjoy food and beverages there. You can even take them to the zoo where the celebration can last for a longer time. Join the pumpkin event in the city by the awesome train from Grand Canyon.

For the rock climber, it is one of the best time to grasp the best of Flagstaff and its natural beauty.

4) The Harvest of Halloween

The Arizona Parks and Recreation Association voted. The Halloween harvest of flagstaff as one of the outstanding events of Arizona. It entertains people from all age group. The party includes eating, drinking and invites people dressed as vampires and zombies. Those  add to the celebration. For all those who love treats and tricky games, you have an awesome event waiting for you.

5) The Garden That Grows Fear

In October when Halloween day is about to arrive. The beautiful Viola’s Garden turns into a scary abode. It is said this thirty acres of garden grows to fear and is quite scary to walk down the entire length in winters. The place becomes a fun loving for a Halloween party and recreation. Around this time, each night in the city has varying events taking place. They make the ambiance more luring and fun-filled.

Have an enjoyable time with your family like never before. Let this winter bring out the child in you and let your kids, friends to this wonderland of spooky nights.