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Travelling is one of the most adventurous activity that we all love to do. As a travel devotee just like you even I go crazy in excitement before every trip. But, during this happiness. I follow a set of rules those make my trip more cautious, safe and hassle free.

I always prefer to be prepared before I leave for any expedition or trip. With technology as a full-time companion. It really helps to make your trip much planned and organized.

Whether you are going alone or with a big gang you need to have a few things handy.

Here is a list of 7 essential travel apps those you should have installed in your phones.

1) Currency Conversion

Your travel is not limited within the country. You might travel to foreign countries of those you are not that familiar. During your journey, the need for money can arise at any point. In such a state, you may find it difficult to calculate the exchange rate and the correct value.

For some, it can be a big loss if they get fooled by unauthorized exchangers. To save yourself from such scams and mishaps. The currency conversion app will help you know the exact amount you are liable to pay and get in return.

2) Travel Planner Tracker

It is an easy and friendly app that helps you create your own itinerary for the trip. You can even measure the distance of each destination. The app offers you an interesting feature to add your travel mileage and travel distance over time.

Important information can be accessed about flights and other related concerns.

3) Cheap Calls/Recharge Apps

It is necessary to have enough balance in your mobile phone. To stay connected with your family and friends. For emergency situations and other important calls. You should have apps those make it easy to recharge your phone in few minutes.

The app helps to know various call and Internet rates. Those will allow you to be connected to the world without letting your social networks getting affected.

4) Language Tools

To travel to a land that is completely new to you is interesting. But it is equally tough to cope with their language and put your message or question. To make your interaction easy so that you do not end up in any goof ups install language tools.

The language tool will help you convert your language to any language across the world. It will make it easy to put across your message and even understand the other person’s talk. Who knows you can actually end up learning the new language a little.

5) Security

Losing your phone or even being secure yourself is essential during your fun time. Whether you are travelling in a group or alone security apps are a must to be installed in your phone.

For personal security, you have a separate app to install. For your own safety, you can have apps those save your emergency contact details. in need they are sent to your location alerts. By pressing the button according to the instructions.

Such apps help the relatives and family members be at ease about your safety.

6) ICE

The full form is in the case of emergency. This is a medical aid that the person provides alerts to the important contacts on your phone. Once you have added your personal information. It can be accessed even if the screen is locked during an emergency.

7) Expense Checker

Expenses are a big concern during the travel. Due to this often you end up exceeding the budget. To help you keep a timely check on all your expenses. There is an app by the name expense checker. It helps to manage your expenditure and even store details to track where all you had spent and how much.

With all these interesting apps, you can make your travel fun filled and in control. Go ahead and make your travel amazing and stress-free.