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Flagstaff Festivities This Month

Planning a vacation is always accompanied by a purpose or a driving desire about the place you plan to pick.

Since we all vary in choices and desires in the similar way it plays an important factor for certain things too. So, when you pick a place for vacation. You focus on entertainment, relaxation or any other purpose one main desire, which finalizes the destination for your holiday this year.

What if you find a place that promises to make your trip fantastic in every possible? From amazing music to landscape, art and relaxing time, you get it all. Yes, my friend, you would be surprised to know Flagstaff is one place that can make this dream come true.

The place has a line of events those take place throughout the year. With their unique way of rejoicing and warm nature people of Flagstaff and have made it one of the desired places for tourists.

For all those visiting this exotic city here are the events you should not miss for November.

Latin American Festival

Inspired by the opera presentation of Florencia en el Amazonas, this festival got conceptualized. The festival is the celebration of Latin American traditions, culture, art. With the help of concerts, films, books etc. It is accompanied by the mesmerizing music, sounds those blend with colors and rhythms.

Mesa Music Festival

Mesa music festival is one of the best ways how the country brings new talent in the spotlight. More than 200 artists come to here to perform and rejoice in the air music. This is one of the best ways to hear the purest form of music live. With Latin American touch, you are sure to enjoy a concert treat during a vacation here.

15th Annual Scottsdale International Film Festival

For all those who drool over movies and love to dedicate all their time to them here is a treat for you. The incredible film festival this year is featuring 50 films from more than 20 countries during five days and nights of screenings, Nov. 5–9. It will cover all the genres. The best of films across the world will be showcased here.

This reason is enough to pull you towards Flagstaff and be a part of this auspicious festival.

Fall Festival Of Arts

The art festival is one of the most loved festivals for those who love to appreciate art and keep it close them. With wine, dinner and soothing music enjoy the ambiance in the centrally located park. A display of imagination and dreams, canvassed by the top painters, to give a different dimension to contemporary and traditional art. Witness the auction and if possible take back home one of the top creativities of the year.

Hot Air Balloon Glow and Festival

This recreation festival invites hundreds and thousands of people to get together and celebrate in the world of hot air balloons. Food, live entertainment and the traditional “night glow” are the highlights of the festival. With so many people across the globe coming together it automatically adds to the enjoyment and fun.

These are just the highlights of one month. The city has festivities all throughout the year to celebrate life and each day. Stop holding yourself and witness an amazing time at Flagstaff with such festivals and activities.

Go and feel the difference! To value your vacation!