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hotel-travel-tips-and-secrets-for-holidaysWhoa!!!! Finally, I made it to taking out time to chalk an awesome plan for a family holiday! Since, I started working after my graduation. I could not take out time or even think of taking an off. Due to the workaholic side of me, I have by god’s grace achieved some enormous results in my career front. I have marked an identity that exists out of pure hard work and creativity.

In the rush and run to establish myself to become a successful writer, I had lost touch with my family. I shifted them way below when it came to glancing over my priority list. Drowned in the rainy years of hard sweat and dedication, one fine day, I got a call from my mother reminding me of Christmas approaching!

Hearing that shaky voice filled with tears, asking me to come home, I could not control myself. This made me realize what I had missed all these years! That one call without a second thought made me plan a surprise trip for my family.

In the overwhelming excitement while deciding the destination, the first thing to my mind was a hotel. I had to be careful about the pros, cons and even the size of my huge family. I had to make sure to make them all fit in and be comfortable for the next 10 rolling days.

With a pen and paper in hand, I wrote few important perspective to keep in mind before finalizing the hotel for a stress-free trip:

Thorough Research of Options Available!

Each country has an endless number of hotels and lodges to let you in. You should carry a thorough research online over various sites. Make calls to short list some of them which, fit your budget and need.

Hot Deals Are Always a Yes For All!

Pick a hotel that offers you best deals and even some extra activities or meals. This would make your trip more interesting and enjoyable.

No Compromise With Hygiene!

This is one of the essential points to keep in mind. You can have a discussion about the hotel norms, hospitality with the concerned department. Also, side by side checks their reviews over various websites. This will give you a clearer view and help you pick the hotel.

Is The Room Size Apt?

Families towards the grander side in size like mine, or if you have a larger group, you can confirm the room size and even the number of members allowed in one room. This will help you save by booking larger rooms rather than many small rooms.

Plan a Few Weeks or Months Before to Get Negotiated Price!

If you have been planning for a trip from quite some time, then you can keep these points in mind. Ask for a negotiated price to make your deal more lucrative and money saving.

Be Cautious of Fake Entertainment Lures!

There are some hotels those offer entertainment packages, which are unrealistic. People often get tempted by these and end up inviting troubles for themselves which are at times, not mandible.

Avoid getting blinded in excitement to enjoy and save the most money. Make sure you book a reliable place and if possible pay a visit to assure, the safety of your loved ones. Along with this, make sure you carry your identity cards and an emergency kit. It should include medicines, important contacts and even some extra bucks.

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With my research and bookings done, I am off to a relaxing trip!!!!! Make sure you keep these tips in mind and spend the most time with family telling them how much you love them!

Pack your bags pick up your phone and off you go!!!!

Happy Journey!!!!