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Finally, after finishing Ph.D. in English from Boston, I was a doctorate now!  Following that, my parents happily got ready to woo me to my beloved! After spending ten prosperous years with him, I had a lot of dreams attached to our wedding day.

Super excited, I have a list of things that I wish to be there for the wedding.

Amongst the other arrangements, choosing a hotel is one of the crucial tasks!

Not just a normal hotel, I wanted one that looked like a palace. A well-trained staff that could make arrangements in a way that made me feel like a princess!

Since, it is a destination wedding, I have the advantage to explore a new place and choose one of the best places on earth.

After picking Flagstaff a heaven like a state for my wedding day. I knew I had to pick the sexiest hotel in the vicinity!

I am keeping a few important points in mind and advise you to keep the same. If you are as excited as me,  to have a dream wedding then keep these points in mind.

1) The Hotel Vicinity or Nearby Has To Be Awesome!

As you do not marry again and again, remember to never compromise with the destination and the hotel. Once you have chosen the destination, make sure you also chose the right hotel. This means amazing hospitality and sheer pampering! With the hotel providing the most exquisite and unique way of the wedding, you will know this is it!

Make your wedding day remembered by all!

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2) Package Worth The Price I Pay!

I shortlisted some amazing hotels and got confused to pick the right one! To break this tie, my next concern was package and price. I scrutinized the packages and prices offered. I chose the one that suited my wish and pocket simultaneously.

Always remember not to compromise in such a state. There are endless options available around. You should choose the one that satisfies you completely even if it’s a little expensive!

3) Reservation With Welcome Souvenirs!

After a lot of brainstorming and analysis, I realized that I had to see the reservation part also. So, for all you self-made organizers, make sure you reserve a proper section of the hotel rooms or cottages. By doing this, you will have all your guests at one place than in scattered rooms. This would save the haywire situation and even make it easy for the guests to reach the venue for ceremonies on time.

Make sure, the hotel has organized beautiful souvenirs to welcome the guests. Promise them an exquisite stay! This will give a sense of élite hospitality and a good reason to holiday!

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4) A Special Room For The Bride!

I am the bride and it is obvious I need a room that is specially decorated for me! This is rare to find the hotels. There are few ones which have a customized room for the bride. If you are eager to have one for you, then search for hotels with this special feature. Why not pamper yourself and feel like a princess!

5) Hotel Shuttle!

There are hotels located a little away from the city or the residential area. To reach to them there are some hotels that give hotel shuttle. These vehicles take the guests to the nearby places and even do the to and fro from nearby stations and markets taking them.

With all these points in mind, I was able to book the extravagant hotel for my wedding! If you want a wedding like me and have the similar thoughts or expectations for the D-day, then these points are important to keep in mind!

Have a happy wedding!