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My kids have been eating my head asking, what are we up to this vacation? Every year, my family decides to take a nice break during vacations. Again, the same time is around the corner.

After having a horrible experience last, I decided to be careful this time and keep certain factors in mind. To start with, I picked the issue of choosing the right hotel.

It was this part of our previous trip that ruined it all. Just following some attractive offers and discounts, we ended up in one of the worst of hotels. Instead, of relaxing we were struggling throughout the trip. So, this year, I plan to choose a hotel for the trip, keeping in mind valid attractions and measures of the hotel.


1) Website Appearance! The face of The Hotel!

Today online appearance has become crucial for every business. It is easy to gain information through the internet anywhere. People usually browse them than going through magazines or newspapers. Always make sure, you check out the website and the ratings on the Internet. Go through the pictures and other valid information. This will help you get a better understanding of the hotel and its facilities.

2) Are Their Fun Factors For My Family Members?

Remember to check out the wow factor in the hotel. This means you need to ensure that the hotel is offering some enjoyable or fun activities. You should inquire about activities those help make the old ones enjoy to the fullest.

3) Give Me Some Neighbouring Restaurant Offers!

There are hotels which offer you coupons and other leverages in the neighbouring restaurant. They can even have tie-ups for parties near the hotel. This can help you avail privilege from two places without spending much. Who would not want to go for such surprises!

4) Do They Have Something Special For The Guests?

There are hotels which endeavor special attractions for the guests of the regular visitors. They can even organize this event for the members of the hotel. Some of them can organize such arrangements on prior request for your guests. Putting up such surprises can make you earn a pat of appreciation for the hotel choice.

5) The Kids Need Their Enjoyment!

When it comes to family trips, kids want all the attention and the best for them. In such a situation, make sure the hotel has a good amount of playful activities. You can ask for a swimming pool, games and other wow stuff for the kids to do.

6) The Distance From The City or The Market

This factor does not seem that important, but turns out to be one of the reasons to ruin a trip! When you plan a family trip, there are times the females cannot resist checking out the market around. So, according to your spouse nature traits, you should choose the hotel whether you want your hotel to be in outskirts or towards the market.

7) Hospitality The Backbone!

Hospitality is one of an essential concern of the hotel and the guests checking in. This factor can make or break the image of the hotel in the market. Each hotel’s first priority is to appoint the most efficient staff to welcome every kind of guest. This quality helps create a personal touch and a sense of belonging amongst the customers with the hotel.

8) Price I am Concerned!

In full excitement about the trip, do not forget to budget your stay. Make sure, you choose the hotel that offers the best price with a good number of facilities. Do not go blind over the amenities hotels offer, ignoring the price or vice versa.

9) It’s Reviews and Popularity Do Not Ignore!

When you are searching for hotels online, you should go through the reviews pasted about the hotels. This gives you a fair idea about the brand and its services. You can even contact the person and ask about the hotel, ensuring your decision to choose the same.

10) Safety Alarms a Must!

Safety should be the top concern while choosing the hotel. You can call the concerned department and ask for the various safety measures for both kids and the old people. This way it reduces the panic in any kind of situation, knowing there is a remedy to it. This time, when I will sit to choose the hotel, I will make sure I keep in mind, these attractions than just the physical ones! Hope you will do the same!!

Happy Holidays!