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Christmas-celebration -in-Flagstaff

Santa is on its way and surprisingly he is landing in Flagstaff this year! For all those who want to give the best vacation to their family, you might not want to miss this opportunity.

To make your travel more lucrative and enjoyable here are 5 reasons those will prove why Flagstaff is the best place to take your family this Christmas!

1) Sledge Ride

Remember the sledge that takes Santa across the world? Yes, it is right here! When you will wonder where to take your kids then you have the option to take them for a sledge ride in Arizona snow land. Help them make a snowman and play with snowballs feeling the soft cotton like snow. You even get to see activities especially arranged for the season and the tourists those come to enjoy their stay.

2) The Ultimate Toy Shop

Who would not want to see the amazingly crafted toy shop that has some Santa memories decorated? The magical toy shop is made in 4500 sq area and gives you the privilege to see the war house of Santa. Here you get to see the kingdom of Santa with some mouthwatering eatables to add to the fun.

3) The North Pole Attachment

It is said that Santa resided in the North Pole and started his journey during Christmas from here. When you are actually there then why not grab the opportunity to experience this epic moment. Attached to it is the polar express that opens gates only during winters. This joy express is the perfect place to know the story of Santa and adds smiles to your little ones face adding more love for the festival.

4) The Incredible Events

Flagstaff is known for its hospitality and the way they celebrate each festival. With Christmas being the festival of the year the city has its own unique way to celebrate it in each area. There are events in the town hall, people singing and dancing around, concerts, a celebration in church, the botanical garden beautifully decorated, the buffet in restaurants and special parties arranged at hotels. They all combine to elevate the excitement and happiness attached to the city and festival.

The parties here are surely not the ones to miss. Check out the surrounding!

5) Top Three Events for Christmas

For all those who are looking up to events for Christmas and New Year. Here is something to boost your excitement. To start with 23 December the holiday star fest has started where Lowell observatory extends its hours to let you spend more time with stars. Next is holiday champagne brunch that starts on 25th and flaunts the trail of exclusive seafood, omelets, waffles and chocolate fondue to impress your taste buds.

Last but not the least the pine cone drop. During this event, you play games with pinecone and there is an interesting activity attached to the timings of dropping it.

Read about the event to know more why this is one of the most attractive events of the city.

Pack your bags and advance book a hotel in Flagstaff to not miss such amazing trip arranged for your family.

Howard Johnson is one of the oldest hotel in Flagstaff that offers discounts and offers throughout the year. With Christmas around this cozy hotel it offers a series of discounts.

They are-

  • With a 7 day advance booking you get 15% off on the quoted price with 200 bonus reward points to Wyndham reward.
  • Members of the hotel can avail 30% discount on all their bookings.
  • You even have hotel packages and organizational discounts at Hojo with 2000 reward points! With many other discounts checkout how the hotel is planning to celebrate Christmas.

Since, I am off to Flagstaff hope to see you there.

Merry Christmas!