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Christmas preparation is in full swing and by now you must have started planning how you are going to spend your long vacation this year. If you are amongst those who have been celebrating Christmas at home then why not plan a vacation this year? You might be surprised that there are a lot of […] Read more...


Finally, after finishing Ph.D. in English from Boston, I was a doctorate now!  Following that, my parents happily got ready to woo me to my beloved! After spending ten prosperous years with him, I had a lot of dreams attached to our wedding day. Super excited, I have a list of things that I wish […] Read more...


The scorching sun is walking down the stairs, with chilly winters walking up. Yes, the weather is preparing for a freezing Halloween. With just a few days left for Halloween. The city of Flagstaff is all set for a crazy and spine-chilling celebration. The city is the perfect place for a Halloween party. If you […] Read more...


This photo of Lowell Observatory is courtesy of TripAdvisor Established in 1894. The Lowell observatory is one of the oldest observatories in the United States. This observatory was set up by astronomer Percival Lowell of Boston’s well-known Lowell family. Then later on it was seen by a sole trustee, according to the decision of the […] Read more...


Flagstaff as a tourist attraction is especially known for the topographical views and scenery. At the foothills of the Grand Canyon mountain range this town has varying kind of landscape enhancing its beauty. With the cleanest skies in the vicinity this place is the best to gaze stars in the Lowell observatory. Flagstaff proprietors museum […] Read more...