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Snow bowl

Arizona is a place full of adventures, and the snow bowl skiing is something you cannot afford to miss. It has been a major attraction for people since 1938. The Agassiz chairlift is another amazing point from where you can see the Canyon Mountains. At such a height above sea level, you get the exquisite panoramic view of the areas around. Enjoying golf in the chilling weather of Flagstaff is an adventure in itself. For the ones who are fond of hiking a trip here can be an experience of a lifetime. Go see why the freezing cold town is amongst the most visited places across the world.

Lowell Observatory

Lowell observatory is one of the most seasoned observatories in the United States. Built up in 1894 this historic point was the eyewitness that offered acknowledgment to the planet Pluto. Visit this ancient observatory and see how Clark telescope with other exceptional machines demonstrate the activities of the solar system. Arrange a stay in Hojo Hotels and visit this observatory with ease to study the sky like never before!

Historic Downtown

Flagstaff is undoubtedly one of the oldest and finest holiday destinations. The Historic Downtown has so many remarkable stories to tell. A visit to the historic area will add a different touch to your holidaying experience. The cultural stories and the monuments around make the city a tourist-attracting hub. Walk down the lanes to enjoy the beauty and cherish each moment spent in the lap of nature.

Northern Arizona University

The Northern Arizona University is yet another gem you really don't want to miss. It is an ancient deemed public university with a vintage infrastructure in Flagstaff.  It is one of the old buildings in the area and provides quality education to the locals.  With more than 27,715 students enrolled in the campus, it shows the authenticity and popularity of the university.

Go walk a few miles to capture moments from the university dairies and meet the future geniuses of the world.

Mountain Elden

The unusual rocky slope of the mountain Elden is one of the biggest highlights of Flagstaff. The mountain with time has become an adventurous point for the exploring tourists. It is easily accessible through a walk on sleep road and stroll through the Coconino national forest. This hill has been a part of the volcanic family in the past but is now an extinct one. It is now a famous trekking spot for tourists in the midst of dense forest.

Challenge your stamina to sweat your stress away here.

Hiking trails

Flagstaff with its edgy mountains and other landscapes has numerous sports activities to enjoy. Amongst other winter sports, hiking is one of the most exciting amusement. The place has specific trials chalked out especially for biking and various other mountainous adventures. Special camps provide quality information and support to help you have great fun with complete safety. Enjoy hiking and on your way back, see attractive ecological variations. All this will give you a satisfying visiting experience and offer enjoyment to unleash your inner happiness.

Meteor Crater

A trip to Flagstaff is never complete until you visit the Meteor Crater. This place is a few miles away from the main town but has tourists pouring in. Situated in the deserts of Arizona it the first example of a meteorite impact on the earth. People have named it as Canyon Diablo Meteorite. To know the unbelievable history behind this meteorite and its name get ready for some desert safari to visit this place.

Museum of Northern Arizona

The Museum of Northern Arizona is yet another highlight you should see during your trip. It's your gateway to the Colorado Plateau and was created to preserve the native American artifacts. Dr. Harold S. Colton established this museum in 1928. As an artist, he urged people to value the cultural heritage and history of the Northern Arizona. It will be a privilege to visit this museum to know more about Arizona and the relevance of its existence.


The Arboretum at Flagstaff is one of the perfect places to visit for nature lovers. This 200-acree arboretum is home to more than 2,500 species, most of which are drought-tolerant.  You will also find native plants that represent the high-desert Colorado in a perfect sense. This natural nursery is visited by thousands of people every year and is also a research station. If you are in Flagstaff then do not forget to visit the unique way of promoting green living.

Flagstaff Mall

Macerich is the proud owner of the regional Flagstaff mall in the vicinity. This mall has been around since1979. This conveniently located mall offers value for money services and facilities. The marketplace is huge and has other retailers too. For all those staying in Hojo hotels, you are a few blocks away to find anything you want to use or take back home as a souvenir.

Now that you are out for a vacation in Flagstaff be sure to shop to your heart's content!

Walnut Canyon National Monument

The Walnut Canyon National Monument is one of the oldest monuments in the country. Constructed by the Sinagua a Columbian group during the medieval period from 1100 to 1250 CE, it is situated on the Colorado Plateau. The canyon rim elevation is about 6,690 feet, whereas the canyon's floor is 350 feet lower. It feels so amazing to be so close to these cliff dwellings. If you like to explore old ruins in one perfect national park, this is the place to visit.

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